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USD $34/ hr + Tax
  • Background Check
  • Accident or damage insurance
  • Favorite server
  • Savings
  • SERV University® Certification
  • Premium customer service
  • 10 % OFF on other services


USD $37/ hr + Tax
  • Background Check
  • Accident or damage insurance

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*The values apply within the urban area of Miami Dade; surcharges will apply if the destination is outside of it.

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A monthly plan or subscription is for you if you need a frequent cleaning that is repeated every week; you can choose from 1 to 6 times per week, each day with the duration you require, where the higher the frequency more you save for each contracted service and ensure the same Server® in all your services.
Frequent cleaning that is repeated every week
Choose between 1 and 6 times/week (the more you choose, the more you save).
Choose the duration you need
Ensure the same Server® in all your services.
You will have preferential personalized attention from an account executive of our company and a direct line with them.
  • You must pay for your plan between the last 5 days and the first 5 days of each month for it not to be suspended.
  • Your plan’s services can only be performed during the selected days of your plan.

Our goal is to provide your Server with as many services as possible; if you decide to reschedule, it will depend on not having another plan scheduled for that date; in case your server is free, there will be no problem.

If for reasons of force majeure, your service cannot be fulfilled, you will be rescheduled immediately.

We accept bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards; we do not accept cash payments for security.

More questions to FAQs – If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp or the national customer service line.

Holidays will not be scheduled and will not be charged in the billing of your services; if you wish to receive services on these days, you must notify your assigned account executive for special scheduling.

No, the value may change since the months are not homogeneous; one month may have 4 Tuesdays, and the following month may have 5 Tuesdays, or one of them may be a holiday; therefore, the value to be charged will be equal to the number of working days of the month in question concerning your chosen day.

A replacement will be sent to you with your prior confirmation and notice; if you do not wish to receive it, it will be re-scheduled.

We manage a reservation system, so to schedule a Server, you must make payments in advance.

In the case of recurring plans, you will receive a new invoice 7 days before the end of the month, with the dates of the next month, you must cancel during these 7 days, or your plan may be suspended.