Life at SERV

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Reimagining you with SERV

At SERV, we’re constantly reimagining the way the world moves. We love to go after the big problems and seize the opportunities that come with challenging work. This means that sometimes we have to make trade-offs and deal with tough decisions that need to be made. But it also means that you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow here. We encourage you to learn by doing and drive the kind of growth that best suits you.

At SERV, you’ll find yourself surrounded by talented and empathetic people. Part of that comes from the dedication we all share with the communities we serve. We know that what we do impacts real, live human beings with families and loved ones, and it drives us to improve and perfect our craft. When you join SERV, you are trusted to do the right thing, to rise to the challenge of reimagining the way the world moves for the better, and to accept the complex responsibility of creating a better world.

Our values

Our values are not just what we believe; they are the perspectives we adopt, the decisions we make, and the actions we take. See how we implement them and discover what they mean to you.

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Diversity and Inclusion

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Great minds don't think alike at SERV

If we want to reimagine how the world moves for the better, that includes making movement more inclusive. We believe the world should empower everyone to move freely and safely. And we believe everyone should have the opportunity to get what they want and need when they want it. It’s a big task, but we’re up for the challenge of fighting racism, advocating for total equity, and making the movement more accessible both on our platform and within our company.

If we want the movement to be more inclusive, we must better reflect the communities we serve. At the same time, we know that if our culture doesn’t allow this diversity to affect change in our products, then it’s just lip service. We have to deliver on this in your employee experience so that you feel empowered to impact our culture, inform our evolution and challenge the status quo. No matter where you come from, you are always welcome here.

What we give to our SERVERS

Health & Wellness

We want you to be happy and healthy in your mind and body. We offer psychological follow-up spaces, biweekly mindset courses in teams, monthly wellness reimbursements (gymnasiums, among others), and assistance programs such as national and international fairs.


We have bonuses for meeting goals concerning our main KPIs. You will also have access to our employee benefits, where you can get up to 5% of your compensation in resources and capital for your personal and professional growth.

Out of the office

We provide unique integrations with not only the administrative team but also the operational team. We were hoping you could get to know the reality of people with different but enormously beautiful opportunities. You will also receive generous paid vacation, sick leave, local holidays, days off to vote, and more.

Grow with SERV

There is no better classroom than real-world experience. And in a school like SERV, where work moves at the speed of technology, and the only constant changes, the lesson plan continually grows and evolves, and so do you.